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Become More Than An Owner To Your Dog

When you strengthen the bond and improve the relationship, you truly bring your dog into the family. When you've done this, living with your dog is far easier and more enjoyable. 


Force Free Dog Behaviour Specialists & Trainers
IAABC Certified
AVS Accredited



We work with Dogs with the following behaviour and more:
🐕‍🦺 Reactivity
🐩 Obedience
🐺 Anxiousness

🐕 Hyperactivity

🐕‍🦺 Separation Anxiety

🐺 Preparing Dogs For Babies/ Children

🐩 Dogs of All Ages, Life Stages & Situations

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Happy Dogs after Noble Canine Training

Online Consultation & Dog Coaching

These sessions can be performed from anywhere in the world as it is conducted over video call. The purpose of exploring the behavioural aspects of the clients dog they deem undesirable. The result being that the client will be coached on the steps they can take to improve the behaviour and increase the bond between themselves and their dog. 

Dog Training at Home Environment Advice

Environment Evaluation & Advice

A home visit in which the dogs home environment is evaluated for suitability. This session is ideal for first time dog owners who are striving to give their dog and themselves a safe and happy home and need the advice to build that environment.  

Dog Behavioural Training Singapore | Dog Behavioural Modification and training Singapore

Dog Behavioural Analysis & Modification

Many dogs have behaviours that their owners find undesirable. We investigate the root cause of these issues and work on coaching both dog and owner alike to modify these behaviours into positive ones. 

Dog Training and Friends

Basic Dog Obedience &
House Training

Step by step processes to help you implement and see results with your dogs manners, obedience and house training. 

Customised Dog Behaviour Modification/ Training Packages

These packages are custom created for your individual situation and your dog. To implement this an initial consultation is required to gather all of the appropriate information. Once this has been done, your rehabilitation/ dog training programme will be created.

As you will be coached as well as your dog trained you will see results growing from the first session. The number of sessions required for the desired result depends on the required training, owner consistency, owner learning speed and dog ability. This will be advised on an individual bases. 


Hear From The Clients...Well Their Owners...

Dorris Loh, Dog Training Client Review Noble Canine
Dog Training Feedback Noble Canine
Dog Trainer and Dog Training Feedback Noble Canine Singapore
Happy Dog Trainer and Dog Training Feedback Noble Canine
Dog Trainer and Dog Training Feedback Noble Canine Singapore
Dog Trainer and Dog Training Feedback Noble Canine Singapore
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Beneath every behaviour there is a feeling. And beneath every feeling there is a need.

When we meet that need rather than focus on the behaviour, we deal with the cause not the symptom.




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