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Training Methods

Coaching you to become more than just a owner to your dog

At Noble Canine we follow and stay up to date with the most modern canine psychology and science based behaviourism techniques. These focus on a better understanding of the dog so that they want to behave in the manner you desire.

You wouldn't want your children's teachers or coaches only using the behavioural science of 20+ years ago, I'm sure you will agree that you don't want that for dog either. 

Noble Canine works on the basis of providing a 4 teared solution for any behavioural needs. Physical Management, Training and Trained Stacks, B.A.T. (Behavioural Adjustment Training) Exercises, and Conceptual Rehabilitation. This ensures that you can get swift progress in keeping your dog ad those around them safe and sane, while also ensuring that you are working towards the actual solution to the root cause of your dogs behaviour.


Whether you are looking for basic training for your dog, or struggling to help your dog with a serious behavioural issue, this approach has proven to be effective at creating a good canine citizen and ensuring the safety ad comfort of your dog and everyone around them. 

  • Management Solutions.
    This aspect works the most swiftly, as it consists of physical barriers, actions and human behaviour to prevent or encourage behaviour rehearsal. Although fast acting, these are not always the most practical or long-term solutions, and are certainly not something which you should have to live with for the rest of your dog’s life.
    Management gives us the opportunity, not only to keep people and our dog safe, but also to reduce the rehearsal of unwanted behaviours, such as lunging and door dashing.

    An example of this, would be the techniques, tools and timing of dog walks to less busy times to reduce the rehearsal of reactivity towards traffic or other dogs. Or, having a safety gate at your front door to prevent door dashing.

  • Training Solutions.
    This is the bread and butter of most training and behaviour prevention. With this, we use the commands that you already have with your dog and add more to build a “tool box” of commands. We then solidify your dog’s ability to follow these by turning them from commands, which are done like tricks, into cues (prompts rather than demands, this gives a stronger reliability to what is needed from your dog) which can be performed in even stressful situations.
    You will be taught on how to arrange and use the “tool box” to prevent, retrain, remove and ultimately keep your dog safe and out of trouble in everyday practical situations. 

  • B.A.T. (Behavioural Adjustment Training).
    This method shapes your dog’s brain by creating a situation where your dog makes the decision that you desire in a particular scenario. It is very effective in situations I which your dog reacts negativity to a specific stimulus or trigger. Effectively, by having your dog make the decision and being shaped towards said decision, the behaviour is solidified and no longer needs to be reinforced. 

  • Conceptual Rehabilitation.
    Tackling the root cause of the behaviour, to eliminate it completely. This method can seem a little disjointed from the actual behavioural issue. However, when done consistently and correctly, it is by far the most effective way to help your dog cope in the world.
    A good example of this would be when tackling a dog with a fear of children. We would break this fear down into its most simple sections; novelty, sound, sight, smell, touch. We will then perform games and exercises which will address each of these components, rather than simply addressing the fear of children. This way, we not only overcome this particular fear, but increase the dogs’ ability to cope with all aspects of novelty, loud noises, fast erratic movement and being touched.

For success, the above measures and advise attaining to your specific situation, must be adhered to correctly and consistently.

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