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Pre-consultation Form

Please Read Carefully

Thank you for enrolling in one to one sessions for Project Adore.

To qualify under Project Adore, the dog must meet the following criteria:

As an adopter, you must:

  • Sign a declaration to observe the Code of Responsible Behaviour (CORB). To be done through NParks.

  • Ensure only one registered dog is kept per HDB household.

  • Check that your immediate neighbours agree to you having the dog.

  • Ensure the dog is sterilised, vaccinated, and microchipped.

  • Apply for an AVS licence and ensure the dog is HDB-approved​.

Under Project Adore, it is mandatory for adopters to:

  • Enroll the adopted dog in a basic obedience training course.

  • The training must be conducted by an AVS-accredited trainer such as Noble Canine. ​

Training Requirements for Project Adore:

  • Heeling: Straight line heeling, Left Turn, Right Turn, Right 180 Turn.

  • Sit: Sit calmly at side.

  • Lie Down: Down position at left side.

  • Recall: Sit > Stay > Recall (6ft).

  • Sit & Stay: Sit > Stay > Recall (6ft - 10ft for 30 seconds).

  • Lie Down & Stay: Down > Stay > Recall (6ft - 10ft for 60 seconds).

Social Requirements for Project Adore:

  • Walking Through A Crowd: Walk around and pass close to several people politely and calmly.

  • Reaction To Other Dogs: Handlers and dogs approach from 20ft, stop, talk, and continue on for about 10ft. Different household and different sized dogs.

  • Reaction To Distractions: Show a lack of reaction to two distracting situations, such as a bicycle, jogger, young children, opening an umbrella, or random movements or noises.

Please complete the following survey as thoroughly as possible.

If you have any video footage of your dog, please bring it to the consultation. If you are filming your dog’s behaviour, ensure you do not put your dog in any situation where it shows signs of aggression.

Many thanks,

Fraser Noble
Canine Behaviour Specialist & Trainer
Noble Canine

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