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Pre-consultation Form

Please Read Carefully

Thank you for reaching out.

Noble Canine uses a combination canine psychology and concept training. Effectively, you’ll be coached to better understand and read your dog as well as teach you gamification training exercises to increase confidence and calmness, not just in a training situation but while your dog is excited/ anxious or aroused. This means that the concepts we teach your dog will apply in real life situations. Doing it this way will mould the behaviour and make training a lot more achievable.

The best way to get started is to have an initial consultation and evaluation. I’ll come to your home, meet you, as well as your dog of course. We will have an in-depth discussion about your experiences with your dog and dogs in general, with regards to canine psychology and how we can help ensure your dog becomes the dog you know they can be.

These initial consultations normally last around 1-1.5 hours.

If we decide to work together after this session I offer single sessions and packages of 6, 8 or 12 sessions. I’ll advise on the best suit for the situation with regards to your needs and the price after the initial session.

Prior to consultation, a detailed history is required through completion of this survey. It is important to gather this information prior to consultation as it allows us to maximise productivity on the day of consultation. Information shared in this survey is strictly confidential and is used to develop the individualised treatment plan for your dog.

Please complete the following survey as completely as you can.

If you have any video footage of your pet please bring it to consultation. If you are videoing your dogs behaviour, please do not put your dog in any position where it shows any signs of aggression.

If you’d like to go ahead with the initial session, please continue with this questionnaire, on completion I will send you over a quote for the initial session. On acceptance and payment of the session you will be sent your invoice which will include the link to book your session.

Many Thanks,

Fraser Noble

Dog Behaviour Specialist & Trainer

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