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WTP: Festive Furry Friends: A Dog's Guide to the Holidays

Festive Furry Friends: A Dog's Guide to the Holidays

In this, the 1st of 2 festive-themed episode, we unwrap the essentials of keeping your dog happy and safe during the holiday season. We delve into the often overlooked aspects of a dog's well-being amidst our celebrations.

We explore several vital topics such as:

  • Holiday Hazards: Identifying common festive items that pose risks to dogs, from toxic plants to dangerous decorations.

  • Festive Feasts and Fidos: Discussing the do's and don'ts of sharing your holiday meals with your four-legged friends, spotlighting foods that can be harmful to them.

  • Merry Meet-and-Greets: Offering strategies for introducing your dog to guests and maintaining a calm and enjoyable environment for all involved.

  • Canine Comfort and Joy: Creating a serene sanctuary for your pet amid the holiday hustle to manage their stress and ensure their comfort.

Example Scenarios:

  • A dog's first Christmas with the family.

  • Managing a dog's anxiety with a house full of guests.

  • Ensuring your dog doesn't get into the Christmas feast.

It's essential to understand that while we're celebrating, our pets still need routine and safety. The episode discusses how the festive environment affects dogs and what we can do to mitigate potential stressors.

Listeners are encouraged to share their festive dog care tips or seek advice on the Wagging Tales FB page provided in the show notes. Use;

#Festive Furry Friends

If you're curious about the topics discussed in this episode or have any other questions regarding your dog, please join us for our Live Facebook Q&A sessions.

These live sessions are dedicated to answering your queries on dog training and behavior, with a special focus on the festive season's unique challenges.

Pose your questions in the comments during the live broadcast, and we'll address as many as we can. These interactive events occur every Wednesday at 8 pm Singapore time (GMT+8).

To participate, follow our FB page, so you don't miss out on these informative and engaging sessions.

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