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Episode 29: Harmony in Public Spaces: Navigating the Intersections of Dogs, Children, and Community

Episode 29: Harmony in Public Spaces: Navigating the Intersections of Dogs, Children, and Community


Episode Description:

In this insightful episode of Wagging Tales, host Fraser Noble dives into the pressing issue of creating harmonious public spaces for both dogs and children. Sparked by a recent incident in a Singapore dog park, this episode unpacks the layers of shared responsibilities, behaviours, and solutions essential for fostering safe and enjoyable community environments.

Key Topics Covered:

  • The Incident and Broader Concerns: A discussion on a notable incident that highlighted the need for increased awareness and better regulation in dog parks.

  • Decoding Canine Behaviour: Understanding how dogs communicate and the critical importance of early socialisation with children and other dogs.

  • Children's Safety Around Dogs: Guidelines for teaching children about safely interacting with dogs and the pivotal role of adult supervision.

  • Dog Walking Etiquette: On and Off-Leash: Principles of responsible dog walking, focusing on maintaining control, respecting space, and ensuring your dog's recall capability, to prevent conflicts and enhance enjoyment in shared spaces.

  • Designing and Using Safer Dog Parks: Exploring design considerations and rules that can make dog parks safer for everyone, including the introduction of designated areas and behavior guidelines.

Episode Highlights:

  • Fraser provides expert insights into canine behaviour, emphasising the need for proper dog training and socialisation.

  • The episode offers practical advice for parents on educating their children about interacting with dogs, aiming to reduce misunderstandings and incidents.

  • A special focus on dog walking etiquette offers listeners actionable tips for respectful coexistence in public spaces, ensuring safety and enjoyment for all park visitors.


Tune into this episode of Wagging Tales to join Fraser in a thought-provoking discussion on enhancing the harmony between dogs, children, and the wider community in public parks. Whether you're a dog owner, a parent, or someone who cherishes community spaces, you'll find valuable perspectives and solutions for navigating the complexities of shared environments.

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