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WTP Ep7 - Starving Dogs For Training

Is starving dogs in the name of training something which is ok to do, is it the most effective way, and is there a better way of doing it. The short answer is no, its not ok, and there is a better way of doing things.

There has been recent news/ social media where a puppy was starved to increase their food motivation for the sake of training them. With the increased conversation with people arguing for and against it, we decided that a deeper dive into the topic would be beneficial to our listeners.

In this episode Fraser looks at:

- The thought process of people starving dogs for training. - Flawed studies which supported the use of starvation. - Levels of food motivation in dogs. - Why motivation levels differ. - Reward variabilities. - Stress & Anxiety response on food motivation. - Primary & Secondary Reinforcers. - Contra-freeloading. - Hitting your dogs activity requirements. - Training with your dogs meals.

Please send us questions and your stories of how your companion animals have changed your life and we can include them on the podcast.

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