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Wagging Tales Podcast Episode 4 - Pet Nutrition, The Facts

In this episode our guest is Dr Francis Cabana. We discuss everything from his journey through the animal nutrition world, modern pet food, what is good for our animals and what are the myths that many fall into, as well as answering some more controversial questions from our listeners.

Dr Francis is one of the top wildlife nutritionists in Asia. Originating from Montreal, Canada, has a PhD in wildlife nutrition from Oxford Brookes University.

Instead of taking the path of common animal science to learn about agricultural animals, or through the veterinarian space and taking a certificate in nutrition, he took the road less travelled to dive deep into the world of animal ecology, metabolism and nutrition.

His incredible journey led him to the Singapore Zoo as their wildlife nutritionist and Assistant Director of Zoology from 2016 to 2021, taking on the mammoth responsibility of the diets of over 15,000 animals that most have very little research published on. His passion inevitably flowed on to domestic animals.

His current role is now with PetCubes, where he formulates the gently cooked and raw meals that PetCubes provides to thousands of dogs and cats throughout Singapore.

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