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Wagging Tales Podcast Episode 5 - Dog Training Methodology

In this episode Fraser & Jay discuss dog training methodology.

· What is dog training.

· Required knowledge to understand the different methods of training.

· Classical Conditioning & how it relates to training.

· Operant Conditioning & how it each quadrant impacts our training and our dogs.

· The 4 key types of training.

· Different types of trainers.

· How to choose what is right for you and your dog.

Below are some links which are mentioned in the episode and are worth taking a look at:

Pavlovs Dogs:

Positive Punishment & Elevated Stress Levels:

Positive Punishment & Increased Cases of Aggression:

Positive Punishment & Physical Injuries:

Alpha Wolf Myth:

David Mech Refutes his own study from 1970:

“Expressions Studies on Wolves” Rudolph Schenkel, 1947:

Positive Reinforcement Overview:

Police & Military Dogs & Positive Training:

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