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WTP Ep 10: Shock Collars & Aversive Tools

Our guest on this episode is John McGuigan, Glasgow Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant. John has been training dogs professionally for over 15 years and is committed to continuing education, so they always have the most up to date, dog friendly techniques available.

Recently England have announced that there will be a ban on electric shock collars being used for the purpose of dog training. There are many countries who already have implemented such laws, and many more debating the topic.

In this episode Fraser & Jay discuss with John (The Glasgow Dog Trainer) topics surrounding the ban. For further information on training methodology, please listen to episode 5 of this podcast.

  • Required knowledge to understand the different methods of training.

  • Aversive tools, and how they are used.

  • Why aversive tools work.

  • Why aversive tools are not required.

  • The morality question of the situation.

  • Many, many more related topics...

Please send us questions and your stories of how your companion animals have changed your life and we can include them on the podcast.

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