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🐾 Wagging Tales Podcast - NAVIGATING DOG OWNERSHIP 🌍

Join us on a journey through the perks and quirks of dog ownership, tailored for dog enthusiasts and future pet parents! From cuddles to commitment, we cover everything you need to know.


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Valentine's Day: 14th February 2024

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Covered in This Episode:


Benefits of Dog Ownership :

Emotional and Psychological Benefits: From wagging tails to heartwarming tales.

Physical Health Benefits: Dive into how dogs keep you moving and grooving.

Mental Health and Development: Uncover the therapeutic and developmental wonders of canine companions.


Planning for a Pup :

Lifestyle & Living Arrangements: Is your pad ready for paws?

Financial Responsibility: Budgeting for barks and beyond.

Training and Socialization: Tips for raising well-behaved woofers.


Adopting a Shelter Dog or an Ex-Stray :

Behavioral Considerations: Patience and love for paws with pasts.

Health Considerations: Ensuring your rescue is ready for a fresh start.

Adopter Tips: Crafting a comforting den for your new buddy.


Expat Dog Parenting :

Global Dog Care: From pet passports to international vet visits.

Housing and Cultural Insights: Sniffing out the best spots for your furry friend.


Rehoming: Understanding the Dog's Perspective :

Emotional Impact: The heartache of saying goodbye.

Adaptation and Recovery: Helping your hound find happiness in a new home.


Wrapping Up:

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Stay pawsitive and keep those tails wagging until our next episode

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