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Wagging Tales Podcast Episode 15: Dog Aggression Part One

In this episode, we discuss a crucial issue that many dog owners face: dog aggression.

Types of Dog Aggression: Fear Aggression, Territorial Aggression, Resource Guarding, Dog-to-Dog Aggression, Redirected Aggression

Causes of Dog Aggression: Social Learning, Learned Behaviour, Genetic Predisposition, Medical Issues or Pain, Frustration, Reinforcement of Aggressive Behaviour, Anxiety or Stress, Hormonal Changes.

Managing and Addressing Dog Aggression: Health Check, Avoid Trigger, Leash Skills, Spatial Awareness, Disengagement, Structured Environment (Physical Management), Muzzle Training, Dual Point Harness, Patience and Consistency, Consult a Professional, Positive Reinforcement Training

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