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Is Treat Training Bribing Your Dog?

“You’re just pushing cookies!”

“You’re bribing your dog!”

“It only works for simple training!”

“It only works with puppies!”

“I tried treat training. It didn’t work!”

I’ve had many people say many different things about using food for training. All of these people had the same thing in common, they didn’t know how to use food for training.

Using food as positive reinforcement works incredibly well for all dogs. Of course there are different methods of using this to suit different breed traits and individual dogs situations.

However, I have worked with many dogs, from extreme aggression cases, intense emotional trauma cases, all the way to little easy puppies. There is always a way to make this work effectively.

Of course putting the work in to build the foundation is paramount to get this working effectively. Yes, you must be disciplined in yourself and be very consistent. But, it is massively effective.

Understanding how to use them, the timing of your delivery, the method of delivery, primary and secondary reinforcers, when to start weaning to regularity and value of the food down and conditioning and proofing behaviors thoroughly are all parts of building this process successfully.

In this video Fraser gives a rundown on what it means to use this properly.

If you have any questions at all, please comment or reach out to Noble Canine directly. We will be happy to help you.

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