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Ep18: Romanian Rescue Dogs: A Journey of Compassion with Meesh Masters

Meesh Masters is a distinguished behavior consultant and trainer specialising in Romanian rescue dogs in the UK.

We discuss many aspects of the topic including:

  • Importance of behavioural rehabilitation/training efforts and the unique challenges involved in working with street dogs.

  • The parallels with Singapore Specials who we work with and to Romanian Street dogs.

  • The specific challenges faced by Romanian rescue dogs and why they need rescued, and why they often end up in shelters.

  • The importance of understanding the genetic elements, background and trauma of rescued Romanian dogs.

  • Common behavioural issues seen in these dogs and their origins.

  • How Meesh approaches behavioural assessments and individualised training plans.

  • The misconceptions of their behaviour.

  • Strategies for rehabilitating dogs with trauma and fear-based behaviours.

  • The role of patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement in rehabilitation.

Meesh Masters: website & social media links

Organisation: The Dog’s Point of View

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