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Dogs & Allergies: Unravelling the Itch! with Dr Amanda Sim (Namly Vet Surgery)

Allergies, they're not just a human thing, right? Our dogs can suffer from them too. From constant itching and scratching to sneezing fits that leave our pups puzzled, uncomfortable and irritable. Allergies can be a real challenge.

But fear not! Our guest today, Dr. Amanda Sim, has a keen focus on understanding and treating these furry woes. She's here to unravel the mystery behind allergies in dogs and help us navigate through potential solutions.

We discuss many aspects of the topic including:

  • Understanding Dog Allergies

  • Common Types of Allergies in Dogs

  • Identifying Allergy Symptoms

  • Diagnostic Process

  • Management and Treatment

  • Lifestyle Changes and Prevention

  • Listener Questions

  • Tips for Pet Owners

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