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Digital Paws: The Reality of Online Pet Care

In this episode we talk about the reality, benefit and restrictions of online pet care. We introduce the new partnership between Noble Canine and ZumVet, bringing online behavioural consultations to our listeners.

· We discuss a. number of topics such as:

· How online treatment for pets is effective.

· The Need for Online Services for Pet Owners

· The Online Treatment Process

· Common Pet Health/Behaviour Issues: Online Vs. In-Person

· Example Scenarios:

o Dog has peed/relieved themselves in the house

o Dog is barking excessively

o Dog is snappy/reactive

· Limitations of Online Consultations


It is important to understand our pets and seek the right type of help. Health, nutrition, behaviour modification and training are all very closely linked, and as such we must ensure all are balanced to have successful treatment.

Thanking ZumVet for their insights and partnership with Noble Canine.

Listeners are encouraged to utilize the ZumVet App to find out more and book for not only for Health related issues, but behavioural, training, and nutrition…

Listeners can submit their questions or share personal experiences related to the topics discussed on the Wagging Tales FB page which is given in the show notes.

"Ask Me Anything" On Dog Training & Behaviour

If you have any questions about this episode or anything else with regards to your dog, or dogs in general, please join us on our Live Facebook Sessions.

In these sessions we answer viewers questions about dog training and behaviour.

Post your questions in the comments during the live and we will try to get through as many as we can. These sessions happen every Wednesday at 8pm Singapore time. (GMT+7)

Follow our FB page to ensure you don’t miss these sessions.

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Sponsored by Noble Canine

Behavioural Consultation & Training - In person. Online. Hybrid online/physical.

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