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Why does my dog not listen to me outside the house?

In this informative video, we delve into the common frustration many dog owners face: their furry companion seemingly ignoring commands when outside. While your dog may be obedient indoors, their behavior can drastically change once they step foot into the great outdoors. But fear not, as we uncover the reasons behind this behavior and provide actionable tips to help you regain control of your pup's attention.

We'll explore various factors contributing to your dog's lack of responsiveness outdoors, including distractions, sensory overload, and natural instincts. Understanding these factors is crucial in devising effective training strategies tailored to your dog's needs.

Moreover, we'll offer practical techniques and training exercises designed to enhance your dog's focus and obedience in outdoor environments. From reinforcing basic commands to incorporating positive reinforcement techniques, you'll learn how to strengthen your bond with your furry friend while enjoying outdoor adventures together.

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