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Wagging Tales Podcast Episode 6 - Canine Socialisation & Doggie Day Cares

Canine socialisation is a huge topic. It is one of the most misunderstood when it comes to our dogs.

In this episode our guest is Esther, from Doggie Retreat (dog day care) and OMD (dog friendly bar and cafe). We discuss everything from her journey to opening her successful doggie day care, what goes into running a daycare to ensure the safety of the dogs and her staff, what socialisation is and the pro's and con's of sending your dog to a daycare.

Our questions from our listeners regards dog fights, reactivity, responsible dog ownership and dog behaviour while bitches are in heat.

Doggie Retreat:

OMD "Oh My Dog" Cafe & Bar:

12, East Coast Road, Singapore, Singapore

Tuesday - Sunday 10:00am till 12:00am

Wagging Tales Podcast Social Media Links:

Sponsored by Noble Canine

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