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Are You Committed To Your Dog?

It takes a lot of commitment to ensure you can enjoy stress free walks, trust your dogs and handle multiple dependents at once and more importantly, have your dog trust you.

Before anyone adopts or buys a dog, it is very important to ensure they know what they are getting into. A commitment to care for, build a relationship with, lead, train and rehabilitate if necessary.

When you commit to anything, you must commit 4 things:

1. Time: You must be willing to put time in, create it and even sacrifice other things for your dog.

2. Money: Good food, proper leashes, harnesses, collars, safety equipment, training and rehab all costs money.

3. Effort: Having all the gear and setting time aside means nothing. You must put the effort to learn about, be consistent and build a relationship with your dog.

4. Faith: Faith in yourself, your dog and the process that you are learning to train and shake your dog’s behaviour.

All 4 of these are required to successfully ensure the safety and comfort of your dog, to care for, train, rehab, and build an appropriate relationship with your dog.

The initial commitment is a large one, and it’s something you have to keep up with for the duration of your dog’s life. However, when this work is done, it is all worth while for moments when you can take a walk with no stress, no worries, baby in tow and just enjoy your time with them all.

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It’s hard work but totally worth it. Looking back to a year ago when I almost gave up, M is a totally different dog now!! Still have a long way to go but now we all know it can happen.

Me gusta
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