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"Touch" - An Alternative Cue

"Touch" is one of the most simple things to teach your dog. It is also fairly easy to proof this action as the dog gets to engage with you physically.

A lot of the time we are asked why we use this cue, and what it can be used for in real life application. Well, "touch" can be used as an alternative action to many different basic actions.

It is important to understand this does not mean that it will replace them, but can be used as a back up/ alternative should the need arise.

Jay, and his dog Bleu shows you how to use "Touch" as an alternative cue to:

  • "Come"

  • "Off"

  • "Up"

  • "Jump"

  • "Heel"

  • Close Directional Cues

  • Mental & Physical Stimulation Exercises

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