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Giving your dog a safe space with you!

In this video, Jay & Bleu show how they prepare for when guests come. The holidays are coming up and if you are planning to have multiple guests over, this could come in handy! A simple exercise that is both fun and rewarding for dogs and their owners. Here are afew things to keep in mind! Preparation is Key: Set your dog up for success by preparing in advance. Ensure your pup has received some training and understands basic commands like sit, stay, and come. Create a designated space for your dog to retreat to if they feel overwhelmed. Communicate with Your Guests: Let your guests know in advance that your dog is in training. Share basic guidelines or rules to follow when interacting with your dog, such as not feeding them table scraps, respecting their space, or avoiding certain behaviors that might hinder training progress. Take Breaks: If your dog seems overwhelmed or anxious, take breaks from the gathering. Allow them to retreat to their safe space for a breather, reducing their stress levels.

Reward Good Behavior: Encourage and reinforce good behavior with positive reinforcement techniques like treats, praise, or playtime. This reinforces desired behaviors and helps your dog understand what's expected of them.

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