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Festive Furry Friends Part 3: Reflections and Resolutions for Your Dog’s Holiday

Welcome to Episode 23 of The Wagging Tales podcast, the concluding episode of our festive series, where we guide you through preparing your dog for the next holiday season. This episode builds upon previous discussions, focusing on reflection and proactive planning.

🐶 Key Highlights:

Reflection on Past Holidays:

 🦴 Analysing what worked and what didn’t during the past festive season.

 🦴 Understanding your dog's stress triggers and behaviours.

Routine and Comfort:

 🦴 Strategies for maintaining your dog's routine amidst holiday disruptions.

 🦴 Importance of a safe and comfortable space for your dog.

Training and Desensitisation:

 🦴 Emphasis on obedience training and desensitisation requirements.

 🦴 Customising approaches based on individual dog needs.

Guest Interactions:

 🦴 Preparing your dog for safe and enjoyable interactions with guests.

 🦴 Special focus on child-dog interactions and setting boundaries.

Preparation for Next Holiday Season:

 🦴 Month-by-month plan leading up to the holidays.

 🦴 Creating a harmonious environment for pets and family.

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