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Episode 31: Importance of Puppy Training

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Wagging Tales Podcast - Episode 31: Importance of Puppy Training

Welcome to Episode 31 of the Wagging Tales Podcast! In this episode, we explore the essential topic of Puppy Training and its long-term benefits. Here’s a quick look at what we cover:

Why Puppy Training is Important:

  • Builds a strong bond between you and your puppy.

  • Teaches essential skills and commands.

  • Prevents behavioural issues before they develop.

  • Enhances communication, making everyday interactions smoother.

Puppy Development Phases:

  • From neonatal to adolescent, learn how each phase impacts your puppy’s growth and behavior.

Safety Reasons:

  • Reliable recall can prevent accidents.

  • Understanding boundaries reduces risks.

  • Impulse control prevents injuries.

Quality of Life:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety in puppies.

  • Strengthens the human-animal bond.

  • Improves daily routines and social interactions.

Appropriate Socialisation:

  • Introduces puppies to various people, animals, sounds, and environments.

  • Reduces fear and anxiety, promoting adaptability.

Group Puppy Classes:

  • Provides real-world training scenarios.

  • Enhances social skills and confidence.

  • Offers support and advice for owners.

Success Stories and Practical Tips:

  • Real-life examples and expert advice to help you and your puppy succeed.

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