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Don’t Blame The Dog!

Many times when approached about helping someone with their dogs behaviour or training, I’m told, “The dog misbehaves” or, “The dog is stupid/ stubborn”.

The blunt fact of this is simply that they have not put in the effort to train their dog or help their dog cope with their environment.

“Dogs do not fail, they perform as trained. Dogs “fail” when we ask them to do something that we have not adequately prepared them.”

- Steve White

Imagine being asked to perform a task you have never been shown and taught for before. Then the person who asked gets frustrated at you when you can’t do it. This is what many people do to their dogs.

There are many components to this, not setting them up for success, poor training methods, but a large part of this is the lack of proofing simple training. This is a very important part of the process than many people miss out.

Find out more about proofing by listening to this episode of the podcast:

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