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Dogs & Fireworks

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

We cannot stop the fireworks.But, as dog owners we can help our dogs with their fear. There is a lot of information and advise I could give on this subject. However, I have given an overview of advise which I hope will help people desperately in need. In this 15 minute video I run through an overview of;

- Why some dogs are scared, while others are not.

- What we can do to help in the short term (during the season of fireworks).

- What can be done in the long term.

For a deeper dive into the why and some more info on the what to do, please take a read of this article I wrote on this subject last year.

Most importantly. After the fireworks have stopped, make sure you put the effort in to help your dog overcome this phobia. It is possible. I have helped many clients with their dogs who are terrified of fireworks, thunder, trains, traffic and many other similar situations. It can be done, but it takes real commitment.

This is my first video giving advise and help. It won't be the last, so please help by supporting and following me on Youtube, Facebook and subscribing to my website.

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