Jay Quek

Dog Trainer

My Story

Growing up, my late grandfather would bring home any stray animals he could from his camp in the Army to rehabilitate them. Surrounded by cats, dogs, birds, I developed a natural inclination to help out animals and particularly strays as much as I could.

Having volunteered at animal shelters for years it was only natural that I adopted. This presented a larger challenge than expected meaning that I actual hired Noble Canine to assist in the rehabilitation and training of my dog. Having learnt a lot from that process, I felt I could not stop there and achieved qualifications in Dog Behavioural Psychology, Training, Basic Grooming and even Dog CPR. 

“If you don’t give up on them, I’ll never give up on you.” – is my motto when it comes to helping out new dog owners.


My methodology has always been to put the needs of the dog first, understanding the sciences behind the particular relationship of the animal’s history and their behaviour. I spend most of my time interacting with as many animals as possible, learning every step of the way. Working with Noble Canine is only increasing my ability to help in the way I am driven to do so.