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Fraser Noble

Founder, Head Trainer/ Coach

& Canine Behaviour Specialist

My Story

Growing up in the country side in Scotland, I’ve always been around animals, in particular dogs - working with herding dogs, gun dogs, security dogs and of course, family pets. I love spending time with them whether it be working, on walks, training or simply relaxing along side them.

Although I have always been involved with dogs in some capacity or another, when my wife and I adopted our first ‘Singapore Special’ Mongrel. Athos was a very shy young dog who suffered from reactivity towards older men and select other dogs. I found that I was lacking in a very important area, understanding why, and how to help Athos get over this. It was no longer enough to get him to behave in the way I wanted, I needed him to not feel the trigger, for his own safety. 


With my original dog training certification being done in the year 2000, I decided to upgrade my knowledge of care, training and dog behaviour with the mindset that I would be able to better help Athos. I went down that rabbit hole hard and ended up completing a number of animal psychology, dog training and behaviourism courses. I then moved on the complete my Diploma in Canine Behaviourism and another in Dog Training. I am now working towards a MSc Clinical Animal Behaviour. 


This journey has meant I was able to grow a bond and trust with Athos, like I never had before with a dog. The journey led me to leaving my corporate job and helping people with their dogs full time, starting Noble Canine. With this, the family grew to the point that we now have 3 rescue ‘Singapore Specials’. With 3 very different personalities and challenges, they make for amazing companions and great entertainment for anyone that visits. This number has now grown with the addition of a human child, Freya. She is loving growing up with 3 paw-siblings.

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