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Food for Thought - Maple's Home

As part of Gold D's "Food for Thought" video blog, they did a case study on Maple. The video is part of a set dedicated to the street dogs we so affectionately call Singapore Specials, in the hope that showing what these dogs can become helps more of them find good homes.

Singapore Specials, as with all street dogs do come with challenges and unknowns, many of which require behavioural rehabilitation and all of whom require a good level of training to give them the happiest and safest lives possible. However, it will come to no surprise that with me (Fraser) having 3 Specials of my own and Jay having 2 Singapore Specials we feel that the challenge and dedication is very much worth it.

Maple was adopted by a wonderful family, Nichola, Eric, Coco & Shasha through ASD. We at Noble Canine were fortunate enough to be part of Maple's journey from a skittish puppy to a more confident young dog. And wanted to share the video blog with all who follow us.

Watch the video below.

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